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Judy has been employed as secretary to firstly, Ray Purnell and then to Suzi Purnell, since September 1991.

Her job covers the entire area of secretarial duties and is more than likely to be the first person you would speak to at Purnells.

While Judy is the companys secretary, her training has included attending a full JIEB course (Insolvency course) and she is also responsible for booking courses, etc, and ensuring that all training records are kept up to date. 

Judy is also responsible for maintaining and updating key quality controls, such as work plan wall-charts for all of the insolvency Case Handlers.

She is familiar with the internal audit of Purnells "processes" and has a good knowledge of all of the firms procedures.

Judy is also responsible for keeping the firm's database up to date. 

​E-mail Judy:  judy@purnells.co.uk 

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